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TEQIP II Highlights @ BVBCET, Hubli, Karnataka

TEQIP (Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme) is a Central Government project funded by World Bank. BVB CET got grant approval for sub component 1.1 -Strengthening Institutions to improve learning outcomes and employability of graduates for the period 2012-2016.


At national level BVB CET stood first by scoring 73 points for development of IDP (Institution Development Proposal) for TEQIP Phase II grants.
Total Grants received till completion of project life cycle is Rs. 15 Crore (Includes additional grants of Rs. 5 Crore as a performing Institute).
Total Expenditure/Utilization by the end of project life cycle is INR 15.33 Crore.
Reforms brought in curriculum have resulted in improved employment rate (911 offers for 2016 batch / 960 offers in 2015 batch).
Improved networking with institutes of higher learning and industries resulting in larger participation of members in Board of Studies, leading to curriculum reforms to meet expectation of the industry. Also resulted in introduction new courses / modules like Automotive Electronics, Engineering Exploration, Machine tool design for UG / PG etc.)
New equipment / software and e-learning resources have profoundly influenced students learning in laboratory.
216 faculty and staff underwent various training programs resulting in advancement of subject domain knowledge, pedagogy and research aptitude.
Conducted 3 International Conferences out of which ‘ICTIEE’ has become a regular annual event hosted by different engineering colleges across India.
Number of Conducted National Conferencesis 3.
More Than 400 faculties have attended various Conferences and Workshops.
Number of research publication has increased 300% compared to the baseline figure.
More than 100 students have benefitted from TA-Teaching Assistantship through TEQIP grants.
The institute is able to fund students for Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Projects / Attending Conferenceand for publishing papers through TEQIP grants.
Dr. Ashok Shettar, VC and Dr. P.G. Tewari, Principal have shared good governance practices in many learning forums facilitated by NPIU and world bank. This has resulted in BVB being referred as model institute for best practices in Governance in engineering education http://www.teqipgoodgovernance.in)
More than 35 college representatives visited BVBCET to study the best practices adopted by the institute during the TEQIP-II period.
Successfully completed all mentor / performance audits and received very good feedback & review reports.

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